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SUbmit your
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Gary Sprewell

Send us your prayer request that we might stand with you in prayer in agreement, believing God for exactly what He wants for your life.



    Prophet, you may not remember but 2 years ago in Jacksonville, FL you called out a lady by the name of Kimberly. I was not present but I watched the service the next day. You told Kimberly (my wife) that she had cancer and began to pray and rebuke death. My wife came home and made an appointment with her doctor who informed her after many tests that she had breast cancer in the 4th stage. She had not been diagnosed at the time of the service. Long story short, my wife and I stood in faith on the word you rebased over her life and without any treatments what so ever I want you to know she is cancer free and has been for over 1 year now! I have attached the documents to prove it! Thank you for your obedience! - Kim's grateful Husband

    Gerald Douglas

    Hello Elder! I want to first say thank you on the word you spoken at revival at NJC! I been in a situation about my job where I been asking God for help and putting me somewhere I want to be! You said IMMEDIATELY right lol YOU SAID "I WILL" Right! You said 32 days right!! Two days later I got THAT PHONE CALL ! Thanks for helping me hear his voice and helping me to know that he hears me! I really enjoyed you and I thank you again for coming to speak to me! I am not a SOCIAL WORKER IN THE FOSTER CARE DEPARTMENT!!!!!

    Catora Gregory
    Elder Sprewell I just wanted to inbox you and thank you for speaking at my church last week. You said that God was going to increase my income and that because of my faithfulness and the God was going to honor my obedience and give me the 2 things I wrote in my journal the night before which no one knew about. Well, since you left I’ve received a promotion and a raise and today I was approved to purchase my first home both of which I wrote in my journal and had been praying about! All in one week! This is unreal! I praise God for you! 
    Tameka Lewis
    Supernatural Debt cancellation! 
    You prophesied that debt was going to be canceled and that money was going to appear in bank accounts. I grabbed hold to that word by faith and it happened just as you said. I went to the bank Monday to get a cashiers check to pay my car note and in my account was an extra $2,000. I still don’t know where it came from. When I went to pay my car note I was informed that my car had already been paid off. God is faithful to his word. I just had to email you my testimony and encourage you to keep saying what God said.
    Margaret Foster

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