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Gary Sprewell Global  Ministries is a cutting-edge ministry that strives to impact this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to expand the reach of the Gospel by communicating it through words and deeds.



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Church OF God In Christ, InC.
Department of Evangelism

Elder Gary Sprewell currently serves as President of the Department of Evangelism for the Church Of God In Christ, seeking the saving of lost souls around the world, the Department of Evangelism serves as the agency for organizing, training, accountability, unifying, fellowship, equipping and resourcing evangelists and local churches in the Church of God in Christ, Inc. (COGIC) in the area of evangelism and serves as the networking source for greater strategic impact.

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His walk through Jesus’ first recorded miracle gives practical principles for securing miracles in all believers’ lives. Let go of your worry, heal your broken relationship, get a better job… watch God open doors and produce miracles you never thought possible. Teaching people how to live life on the next level, to not only have faith in God, but have hope in life, is Gary’s specialty; he’s got first hand experience

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