T H E   M A S T E R   C L A S S

This Empowerment Program promises to be a life changing experience that will not only grant you access to some of the brightest, most influential and accomplished individuals in ministry but it will also challenge and empower you in whatever capacity you’re emerging in.

Maturing your gifts & Maximizing your exposure: $25

In this class, Sprewell will give practical principals to help you with:

Perfecting your craft

Diversifying your Platforms
Developing Disciplines
Media (Television/Social Media)
Resources & Literature
Sermon Prep

How to approach the giving moment
So Much More…

Multiplying your Income & Managing your enterprise: $25

In this class, Sprewell will help you build a roadmap to financial success through:

Creating 501c3’s
Team Building
Road Rules
Developing Policies & Procedures
So Much More…

Boot Camp: $25

This highly sought-after time of training on spiritual gifts promises to catapult you into your full purpose as Sprewell teaches on:

How to identify your Gift

How to hear God more clearly


Understanding the difference: Divine and the Demonic

The Spiritual World

Prophetic Activation

So Much More…

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